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This year’s appeal is up and running and now it’s time for you to get involved and help us raise as much money to ensure that no children wake up without presents under the tree this Christmas. There are several ways you can help including dropping off toys and gifts at one of our many collection points, donating cash or by purchasing raffle tickets (that will be available into 2022) to win this year’s car – A stunning Back to 89 Beetle that will be ready and on the road in time for the Summer 22 show season. We understand this is a little different to previous years, but this renovation is well worth waiting for!

SANTA'S A GANGSTER Help us to make a difference this Christmas.

Collection Points

You can drop off donations or purchase raffle tickets at any of these locations!

Latest News From SAG HQ

Time for a Tally Up!

Yes you lot have been epic (as always) and we have welcomed all of our new supporters with open arms as they joined our army of regulars. One more toy/game/chocolate box can make the difference to a child that thinks Santa Has forgotten them and take the pressure off parents that are in such a pickle they just cannot see the way through, So on behalf of all these people, we thank you so so much!

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Amazing Support!

Santa’s a Gangster is lucky enough to be supported by some amazing people, and in turn we can share the love. The amount of donations and gifts that have come in is making it possible to help more than ever; Santa’s Black Country Toy Appeal where we have taken many vans full and donated thousands of pounds for the purchase of gifts, a bit of online Amazon Wish List shopping too for Dudley Children in care and care leavers. We also completed a big drop off to Free radios Cash for Kids wit another two vans full to the brim!

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Santa Keeps on Rolling!

2021 is shaping up to be a bumper year for Santa’s a Gangster and we are going from strength to strength. This week, we have see a constant strem of visitors, each one coming alng with armfuls of presents and handfuls of raffle tickets!

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Dubs NOT on Tour

Dubs NOT On Tour with Kieran Woodward and Craig Robert Watkiss. These guys along with the support of VW folk who love a party and just enjoying themselves honoured us at Santa’s a Gangster by having a bit of a do where they had a complete weekend of collections and fundraising to help the families and children of the west midlands that really, really need some help especially at Christmas time.

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So Many Donations!

Wow, what a week guys’. We have had donations flying in from all directions including Ian Craddock, Chad Chadwick, Jude Taylot at County Kitchens, Keith Lionel Peck at KP Krafts, Mark Sutton of Mark Sutton Trading, Louise Cousins and her team, Natalie Lewis and her people and the good folk over a WVVW who filled a T5 full to the brim with toys thanks to a little help from Santa himself!

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WVVW Santa’s A Gangster Meet

This Saturday, make your way to The Nickelodeon pub on Bentley Bridge in Wednesfield for WVVW‘s Santa’s a Gangster meet. Not only will you find a great range of dubs and cool folks, but the big man himself will be there, entertaining the kids and hopefully picking up a few presents to deliver to those in need in a few weeks time!

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Massive Santa’s A Gangster News!

Darren who owns and runs Roly Poly Eats has done it again in memory of the great late Jim Cousins. The Joker burger when out from Roly Poly Eats and in true gentleman fashion, he has donated a whopping £1,000 to the kitty. I’m humbled and we are very grateful indeed. A massive Santa’s A Gangster thank you to everyone involved. Darren Lusted your a friggin Legend !!

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What a mad day! Last week I met with Jenny O’connell at Blackheath Poundland to arrange collecting the stock that has been donated. Jenny introduced us to Callum who has helped us arrange today. Garry Beerbuz Aulton and myself rock up in two vans filled them to the top and we didn’t even make a dent in it, so a call to Bill Perry and Mr & Mrs Brian Head from Heads Potatoes and we’re back in business!

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A big thank you to APD Print & Design for supplying all of our flyers and posters. They have over 30 year’s experience and are delivering print and graphics throughout the Black country and across the Midlands.

A huge shoutout to the amazing folks over at Evoke Classics. Not only have they taken care of business and represented Santa’s a Gangster at the NEC Classic Motor Show, selling raffle tickets and taking in donations, but they will be supporting the charity ongoing into the future – thank you!

It has been 2 years since we lost our great friend Jim Cousins. As many of you know, he was hugely involved in Roly Poly since the start back in 2010. We all miss him massively. Everyone who knew him knows the Joker was his favourite character. You may remember we did this in his honour last year too. Jim did a lot of work for charity, in particular Santa’s A Gangster Charity which gives children presents at Christmas who wouldn’t normally get anything at all. Some of the proceeds of sales will go towards the charity.

The good guys at The Bug Barn had a bit of a doo for us back in October and we must thank everyone who helped them out by supported Santa’s A Gangste. Patrick Thompson-Jones Nigel Barkley. You guys ROCK!

WELCOME We have over 20 years experience.

VolksMagic are an established VW based restoration and custom workshop based in Oldbury, West Midlands, near junction 2 of the M5 motorway. We have a wealth of new and preloved parts in stock for all Volkswagens from 1950’s to present day.

As well as supplying Doon Buggy kits for self build, we can also provide a full range of services and parts to help you achieve your dream.

Chassis restoration and shortening work is a speciality using a specially designed alignment jig, from minor repair to fully rolling floorpans.
We can undertake any level of build, from finishing, repair, chassis and engine builds, to fully complete turn key Beach Buggies.

We can manufacture anything from single roll hoops to full bespoke roll cages using specialist tube bending equipment, as well as being able to supply a full wiring service.

Full donor dubs are always available to purchase. In addition we can supply all the parts required to complete your build including quality second hand parts, new standard parts and full custom accessories such as wheels, headlights, rear lights, seats and modern steering column upgrades.

VW WIZARD As seen on Car S.O.S.
HISTORY Where did the magic begin?

Volksmagic was started in 1992 by a few friends who had a shared interest in the VW scene and these quirky automobiles. Neil Reynolds (aka Ren), Graeme Freeman (aka Fop) and myself, Lee Southerton (aka Magic) along with the help of Mark Southerton, Steven Hodnett, Bert, Lee the Dreads and even the Sheriff was about then. Without all these great people Volksmagic would not have been born.

The laughter, fun and drunken evenings shared at Trade shows, meeting the best of people who we have come to call our VW family. After renting an industrial unit on Tat Bank Road, which became the first home for the gathering of these petrol heads. I have fond memories of driving through Black Heath with Ren and Fop in Fop’s Type 2, listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, singing at the top of our voices, feeling on top of the world, more than likely doing the beer run before a show.

All we needed was a name, what the hell should we call ourselves? I must give credit to Mark Southerton for this, as one morning all of us stroll into the cafe talking about names and Mark says “what about Volksmagic”, so we chewed it over a bacon roll and that’s it Volksmagic was born!

Over the next year or so, Fop moved on due to work commitments and to become part of The VWDRC, which is now the oldest running one make drag club in the world. His amazing Beetle known as Sick Bubblegum (named after a Rob Zombie song) and with the race number VWPro204 absolutely flies and has a fastest pass time so far of 11.7sec qtr at 112mph!

About a year later, Ren moved on to focus on supplying new parts for Volkswagens and I kept Volksmagic running with lots of help from Mark, Steve, Sheriff and the new guy, Mark Bradley (aka Brad). In the beginning we seemed to be doing trade shows almost every weekend, which although was great fun, was heavily demanding and did not enable us to concentrate on building customers dubs. So, I made a conscious decision to focus on the workshop for a few years.

We moved onto a bigger yard and workshop in Park Lane, where we set up our new HQ and this is where we remain today.

Steven Davis (aka Boz) joined the team some time later and we started back at the shows with Bus Fest (then known as Van Fest). At Bus Fest, a new group of Magicsters was in town, along with Peter Whiteside (aka Mario), Paul Hodgetts (aka Yampy), Chris Holmes (aka Dep), Darren Sanders, Dale Roberts, Drew and Tracey Wigley, Tyler Brett, Chris James (aka the Rabbiter), Mike and Bill Perry.

We took the shows by storm, with parts, salvage and sales pitch. Seems Volksmagic kind of grew up and came back! Then along came V Dubs in the Valley, which is our back to back show with Bus Fest, where we get to chill a little more, kick back and enjoy the weekend. Over the years we have been lucky enough to get our show cars featured in magazines, out on destination for adverts and filming and involved in multiple TV shows.

I must say this was heavily promoted by John Clewer (aka JC) and Simon Chadwick (aka Chad) who have both been invaluable support over the years. The classic car show at the NEC is where we get to take a couple of show cars and Steve Rea and the Association of British VW Clubs show them for the weekend; another gathering of great petrol heads. Volksmagic are official trade sponsors of Bus Fest and V Dubs in the Valley, we seem to have become a gathering of great people; associates becoming friends.

SERVICES What can we do for you?


If you need it, we probably have it! We stock for all Volkswagens from 1950’s to present day. If you can’t see what you need on our eBay, please, give us a call.

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Is your dub looking a tad tired? or maybe you have been in an accident? Don't worry. Our professional workshop can take care of any repair work, large or small.

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If you have big plans, but need a little guidance or expertise, have no fear. Here at VolksMagic we can take charge of your project and turn your dream into reality.

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If you have you ever thought of owning your own Doon Buggy, you're in the right place! Give us a call and ask to speak to Lee; He will custom build to your own design.

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We don't just work on other people’s dubs here at VolksMagic, we also hold a great range of new and old dubs and completed projects, all ready for you to drive away in.

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We have worked and continue to work with many of the well-known motoring television shows including Car SOS, Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars and many more besides.

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Santa’s a Gangster does amazing work for charity; collecting toys to ensure everyone has a gift to open on Christmas morning and raising funds for less fortunate kids.

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We stock a great range of merchandise for both adults and kids. This includes stickers, accessories, t-shirts, hoodies and hats, with lots more coming soon!

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Back to ’89 or B289 started back in 2001 with Stu Betty, Michael Leche, Alex Markille and Simon Tomlin. The first 89 display was at Bug Jam that year with 25 legendary cars taking you back in time.

Since then, 20 years have passed with me continuing from the first display with many cars found and bought into the Back to ’89 displays. The ethos being that the car needs to be well known on the show circuit from the 80s to the mid 2000’s.

Highlights in those two decades has been the EBI B289 display, sponsoring and making the California Prado 80’s Back to 89 trophy given out at the end of the weekend. Multiple magazine features, TV and radio interviews has helped spread the word. Including the Volksworld Vaults with 2 years of features.

PREVIOUS PROJECTS We can manage your project from start to finish.
OUR TEAM Our skills trump the competition.
BUZBEATS Retro internet radio.
BUZ BEATS is a brand new internet retro radio station broadcasting 24 hrs a day all across the UK!

With all the best hits from 1975-2005. 100% Add free non-commercial radio, playing feel-good music to get you through the current situation. In years to come Buzbeats will be Running alongside the Beerbuz Mobile Bar combining great music and great Beer for the ultimate night in or out!

Based in Shropshire with local information, weather and news this will be the place to be keep locked in too for some great local DJs playing all genres of music to make u feel good! 24/7.

OUR ADDRESS We stock thousands of new and used parts.
CONTACT US Get in touch to discuss your needs.