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TEAM MAGIC We have the skills you need.
Lee Southerton aka Magic: MD of Volksmagic

I will keep it brief as this isn’t the Lee Southerton show.

I am just the gaffer.

Lucky enough to play cars every day, doing what I love with people I love.

Told you I’m a lucky guy. Magic x

Steve Davis aka Boz/Grandpa

Boz joined the team xxxxx years ago whilst still working alongside other greats like Java VW and Kingfisher Kustoms. The skill and knowledge he brings is unrivalled, always grafting and laughing, to be fair when Boz and Sheriff are working together their laughing and giggling bellows through the workshop.His skill sets are fabrication, mechanical, modification, engine builds, wiring, to be honest the list goes on.

Everyone loves Grandpa, right! Magic x

Paul Haddleton aka Sheriff

Have you all met the Sheriff of Oldbury? Before Volksmagic was around I was a carpenter, my charge hand comes in and says i have got you an apprentice, who was it, it was only our Sheriff and a bromance was born. Sheriff has been involved pretty much from the start on and off, so an absolute magicster, the place would just not be the same without him. Sheriff is the warehouse guy who locates your parts and keeps us entertained, often going MIA on his mission to find them.

The Sheriff you rock! Magic x

Mark Bradley aka Brad

Brad came to the old workshop to purchase a beetle door for the project he was building. We hit it off and one thing led to another and he became part of Volksmagic. Brad and I have been through thick and thin, and still work side by side, a true brother i would say. In the early years, Brad’s dad “Jerry can” would always be around to help us fetching and delivering cars and parts, this led to me having a mum and dad Bradley. Brad hates doing shows but still helps out, i suppose that tells you a lot about someone right!

He’s the one full of ink and used to have so so many piercings.

If it wasn’t for Brad and Jerry Volksmagic would not be the company it is today. Magic x

Chris Holmes aka Dep

Dep can often be found at weekends at the yard, helping sorting parts and serving you all with the parts you need for your cherished Volkswagens. He has also assisted in film prep.

He is an important part of the trade show team where he often drives a sales vehicle, helps set up and take down the pitch, deals with the logistics of it all, the PR and the customers.

I know Dep is a weird name, it came from him being Sheriff’s mate and The Deputy just stuck.

Chris are you really the deputy though? Magic x

Dale Roberts aka The nephew

Dale is an important part of the trade show team, where he often drives a sales vehicle, helps set up and take down the pitch, deals with the logistics of it all, the PR and the customers. Dale has also assisted in film prep. He brings the laughter, the jokes, the dancing, the singing and the beer. When Dep and Dale get together you are sure to have the funniest times ever. Check out our you tube video with Dale playing the bongo’s.

Dale, things would be so different without you. Magic x

Darren Sanders aka Daz (### not saying)

Daz has been around from Day 1, being a personal friend since we were 17, we have had some crazy times believe me. Daz has been involved in film prep and has a brief appearance in one of the TV shows. He was known as the tea boy but is now known as DJ Daz, we leave him to sort out the tunes in the workshop. Many years ago we built him a yellow Cal look Beetle, a true back to ’89 car.

You are a true Magicster. Magic x

Andrew Wigley aka Uncle Marmalade

Drew came to buy a camper from us and now is one of my closest friends. I suppose this teaches you all about the VW scene and friendship. He helps around the workshop, film prep and trade shows. Drew and Tracey always make sure we are eating and everyone is ok.

Uncle and Auntie Marmalade thanks for your calming influence. Magic.x

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