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THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE As seen on television and in the media.

The first TV show we got air time with was Beetle Crisis, where we helped Steve Rea and Richard Henwood with the rebuild of their 1302 doing some custom fabrication, assembly and MOT work. Next came Car S.O.S. Many thanks to Nathan Barber of Nathan’s paint shop for recommending us. Who would have known all these years on we would get to work with Car S.O.S on a weekly basis. The first Car

S.O.S car was the VW beetle, “Boris the Blade”, where we supplied engine, multiple parts, wiring and generally helped with assembly. This is the episode that the legend Jim Cousins was invited to come and design and fit all the graphics. Rest in peace Jim, we miss you so.

We next got a call for parts supply on a T2. I visited where Car S.O.S was filming to view the Type 2. As soon as i walked in the door before i even saw the T2, i said to “Fuzz” its a dormobile and his answer was “you’re right how do you know?” and anyone out there reading this who has one, will know the unique smell it carries.

Next came the Karmann Ghia, we were able to help out with the whole parts supply, engine build, other assembly work and the rush to finish. An opportunity arose to introduce another one of our surrounding trades and Anthony Johnny’s trading as AJ Retrims stepped in to deal with all the upholstery.

The T4 came next, “Old Red”, yep, we was right behind the build with parts supply and doing tail conversion with Fuzz and Dan. Another late evening for Sheriff and I in the rush to get it finished.

The support we have had from the media companies is amazing and after working with Tim and Fuzz for so many years, they have become good friends. Fuzz often pops in for a cuppa, whilst Tim comes in to scrounge something.

In addition to all of this, we have featured in numerous magazine articles over the years and are currently sponsor Busfest, VDubs in the Valley and the BuzBeats radio station.

We welcome all media work and can provide a safe working environment, so why not get in touch and see what we can do to aid you in your latest project.


Magazine Features:

    Polo 6N (breaker on the side)- Golf Extreme
    Corrado eggshell blue- Golf Extreme
    Golf cab Mark III (the dark destroyer)- Golf Extreme
    Golf cab Mark I- Golf Extreme
    T25 Crew Cab
    ’58 Beetle

TV Features:

    Beetle Crisis
    Beetle Crisis 2
    Campervan Crisis (parts supply)
    Car S.O.S Beetle
    Car S.O.S Type 2 (parts supply)
    Car S.O.S Karmann Ghia
    Car S.O.S T4 camper
    Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars – Beetle Karmann Cabriolet
    Wheeler Dealers – Passat
    Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car – Scott’s VW Campervan
TRADE SPONSORS Giving back to the DUB community.

Bus Fest (formerly Van Fest), we trade each year, with our same pitch next to the crèche, taken care of by Simon Holloway, Sean Powell and all their crew. Over the years we have sponsored different trophies for the show and shine and donated to their charity auction, proud to be one of their “official sponsors”.

V Dubs in the Valley, a Shropshire based family Volkswagen show, owned and operated by Garry and Hayley Aulton from Beerbuz and Buzbeats Radio. Each year we sponsor the show and shine and we are proud to be “official sponsors”. Garry, Hayley and the V Dubs team, take care of us at Volksmagic, this weekend like a bit of VW royalty.

They also take the reins of our charity Santas a Gangster (see charity section), giving us some respite allowing us to kick back. Its amazing what good friends you can make in the Volkswagen community. I tell ya, we are lucky guys.

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