MELVIS THE WESTY Wheeler Dealers Dream Cars.

The call came in thanks to some wonderful friends! We were initially asked if it was possible and secondly if we could assist Wheeler Dealer Dream Cars. The journey started with helping Mike Brewer and Elvis Priestley source and plan Scott’s Dream car. They requested a VW Camper van that needed to be right-hand drive, and a Westfalia if possible.

So, in usual VolksMagic style, we ticked all the boxes and then added a few more of our own, before ticking those too, ensuring we went the extra mile. We know you all think it’s totally staged, but remember it is an entertainment show! Elvis did get his hand dirty and helped out whilst Mike was actually out flipping cars and anything else he can make a buck on!


So, back to the project; We had the offer of a van from a good friend of ours that was just never going to get finished. Sadly, it a very common story in the classic car world, he had done a lot of work on it, giving us a great starting point. We then started compiling a parts list from our stock including engine, doors, tailgate, bumpers and a full Westy trim including the roof.

We then had to decide on a colour and after many, many hours, I suggested that we go for bright orange over white (for the geeks out there, the Orange is VW L20B and the White is VW L90D), finished off with Westy chequered fabric interior and a nice golden finish on all the timber work. It was a match made in heaven and seem to hit the spot for everyone involved – Whoop, Whoop, we had a plan!

It was then time to start the build process, building the wonderful T2 (Melvis) you see on the show. Welding, prep, paint, mechanical overhaul, wax oil, lowering, full assembly, reupholstery and we even found time to fit a 12v and 240v leisure system, complete with with USB’s sockets, twin batteries, and lots more tricks to ensure a nicer camping experience.

The VolksMagic team worked alongside the Wheeler Dealer crew, and we’ll be honest, it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish, with lots of laughing, joking and doughnuts! We were able to introduce some of the amazing trades we have locally including AJ Retrims, Washford Finishings, Longstone Tyres, Des Yates, Beer Buz, Mirka Power Tools, VGC the glass company, Just Kampers, NLA VW Parts, Fuzz’s Classic Oils, Marlie Automotive Supplies and many more; Without this kind of support, these jobs just couldn’t happen, so thank you guys’ n’ girls, you were all epic.

To be invited by the crew to the reveal made us feel very much part of the team and to see Scott’s reaction as he was blown away with his dream car being more than he could have ever expected (as you can all see on the Season 2, Episode 2 of Wheeler Dealers Dream Cars).


A few interesting points for you all from Scott:

  • He found a belt buckle under the rear seat of his Twingo whilst the moggy was in winter storage and believe it or not, it was an Elvis Buckle!
  • When he purchased the Moggy, the seller gave him some moggy mags and in there was a VW one that he has recently opened again, and what was on the page staring back at him but a VolksMagic advert; what are the odds?
  • We visited Scott’s house after the reveal and when Aaron saw the camper he said, “I love the colour.” We entered the kitchen for a coffee it was clear why, as his walls are bright Orange with VW camper memorabilia everywhere!
  • As we said our farewells, Scott gave me a gift of the first books he ever wrote; A to Z of traveling and the Magic Book of Adventures; saying “Who’d have known that Magic from VolksMagic would have been so involved with making my dream car come to life “.
  • The guy who bought the Monaco’s name is Grant, just like Scott’s middle name and the camper was registered on 13/7 which also just happens to be Scott’s brother’s birthday – SPOOKY RIGHT?

Melvis the Camper Van now has its forever home with Scott and Aaron; May the Magic adventures begin!

Thanks again everyone, You Lot Rock!

Magic & Co.

P.S. “Melvis“ – think about it guys, credit to Ellie!

GALLERY Melvis comes to life.